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Enterprise Integration as a Service

NetEdge’s Ondemand Enterprise Integration as a Service (EIAAS) synchronizes the siloed Enterprise Data, manages the Application Integration and automates the Business Processes across disparate Applications and Technologies. EIAAS enables an Enterprise to integrate all its SaaS, Cloud or On-Premise Applications and Systems easily to create, secure and manage as a single service thereby allowing enterprises to unleash the actual value of data to respond to evolving market needs.

NetEdge has strategic System Integration Partnership with some of the leading providers of Enterprise Integration platforms. As part of Enterprise Integration as a Service, NetEdge provides Integration Consulting Services, Implementation and Managed Support Services on these platforms. NetEdge works with those Enterprises that have their Business Processes scattered across multiple applications running on diverse IT Infrastructure.

We have helped several customers spread across the globe to achieve Integrated Hybrid IT landscapes thereby releasing strategic value trapped within their businesses’ functional silos. Our team has expertise in integrating SAP B1, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Magento, Bill.com and Square Payments to name a few Enterprise Applications. We have worked with our customers to provide end-to-end digital integration, adopting the API-first methodology while using a robust set of tools and solutions.

Service Offerings

Application Integration

We help enterprises rapidly build and deploy application integrations in the cloud and on-premises using pre-built templates and workflows. This service is aimed at those clients and application developers who wish to integrate their applications in real...


time basis with other systems so that they can work together. The service keeps data consistent thereby orchestrating the integrated flow of multiple activities performed by disparate applications resulting in what appears to be a single user interface or application service.


API Integration and Management

We work with businesses adopting iPaaS to provide them the ability to design, run and analyse their business APIs and microservices through a cloud-native platform enabling connected functional units to communicate with each other within short span…


of time thereby bridging the delivery gap to gain more outstanding capabilities with self-serve IT. We also incorporate secure API management to control the increasing number of internal and external APIs used or provided by an organization.


B2B Integration

We provide this service to enterprises so that they can leverage reusable APIs and templates to connect trading partners, increase end-to-end visibility, and automatically process EDI messages to and from any cloud-based or on-premise application or data…


source. To ensure continuity and problem free operations for the enterprises we work with them to provide ongoing integration maintenance support. With increase in the connected ecosystem, we also work with enterprises to constantly upgrade integration.


Business Process Integration

We help those enterprises which want to synchronize their internal operations with those of their other divisions or trading partners by connecting disparate systems in real-time. The service seamlessly automates business processes allowing integration of systems and …


services with secure sharing of data across numerous applications. It also allows enterprises to automate management, operations and supporting these processes using a dashboard.


Connector Development, Test and QA

We offer design, development, Test and QA services to develop new connectors, templates and integration recipes that will result in faster time-to-market and higher value to our customers. With this service, we help enterprises to build repeatable…


integration assets with the right resources and domain expertise. Our offering is a flexible, proven and best-practice driven approach to providing on-demand Connector Development and optimizing the lifecycle management cost. If required, we can provide ongoing maintenance and upgrade service.


Data Migration Across Applications

We work with enterprise which are either executing a Business Transformation Project or implementing a new application within their IT environment. We help them migrate the data from an existing On-Premise, Cloud or SaaS application to a…


new application which is either a Cloud or SaaS Application. We typically migrate data from an obsolete or end of life business application to another application or from an inhouse legacy application to a SaaS or Cloud Based Application.


Unique Value Proposition

Integrating Data, Process and People

EIAAS provides seamless integration across Business Data, Processes and People that is fully Managed, Monitored and Supported by NetEdge Team of Experts.

Experience in SaaS, Cloud and On-Premise Integration

NetEdge has experienced team that rapidly builds and deploys application integrations of SaaS, Cloud and On-Premises applications using our pre-built templates and workflows.

API Life Cycle Management

We manage increasing number of internal and external business APIs and microservices by incorporating secure API management using Cloud native platform.

Vast Enterprise Application Expertise

NetEdge has expertise in integrating SAP B1, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Magento, Bill.com and Square Payments to provide integrated eCommerce, Logistics and Financial Solutions.

Connector Development, Test and Quality Assurance

We Design and Develop new Connectors and Workflow Templates using agile Methodology and to Ensure Quality, we test our Connectors using Unit Test Case Libraries.

Life Time Maintenance and Upgrade

NetEdge offers a flexible, proven and best-practice driven approach to optimize lifecycle management cost by offering ongoing maintenance and upgrade service.

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    The Client, an International eCommerce Retailer of Paper Products like wall papers, greeting cards etc

    Seamless Logistic Management

    The Client was a major eCommerce Retailer of Paper Products like wall papers, greeting cards etc

    Integrated Payment Processing

    A multinational company dealing in Apparel was interested in developing an Automated, On-Demand

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