Licensing and Regulatory Application


For Streamlining Regulators Workflows


NetEdge Licenseing and Regulatory Application system LiRA helps regulated entities to submit License requests along with  Management profiles online. Regulators can assess the requests and approve or reject the requests  based on defined workflows.  LiRA enables quick and straightforward reporting and assessment of master data changes, and maintains a  centralised organization profile of a regulated entity.

LiRA has been built on top of a robust workflow engine developed by NetEdge, that has been thoroughly tested over 20 plus years, and has been evolving with new features. The latest version of LiRA (LiRa2020  Release 3) has several new features that have been added with feedback and suggestions received from several clients and experts.

Product Feature

Master Data Management

Regulated Entity’s Complete Organization Profile, that updates on Submission and Approval of Amendments along with History Facility.

Online Workflows for Regulatory Transactions

Self service portal enables regulatory entities to submit requests along with online payment and all necessary documents.

Enforcement Actions

Suspension / Revocation of license in case of non compliance and failure to take corrective action.

Flexible License Forms and Powerful Reporting

Customizable license forms to add / remove fields as needed. Powerful and customizable reports. Access Control on who can see what.

Inspections and Audits

Scheduled as well as spot inspections, along with recording of findings, non compliances, and generation of notices and invoice for penalties

Invoicing and Receipts

Fees, taxes, penalties calculation, Invoice and receipt generation. Integration with third party accounting systems / payment gateway

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