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The recent advances in technology have completely revolutionized the way  business  is  conducted.  The Internet has become all pervasive and Impact the way any organization acquires customers, service them, handle their query and retain them by delivering value.

In order to assist Small and Medium businesses to tap Into the e-Commerce potential offered by the Internet. NetEdge has developed eshop, a unique product that enables your organization to establish an e- presence within minutes. You will be able to sell your products and services over the Internet instantly and with ease.

Product Feature

In-built Shopping Cart

eshop has an in-built shopping cart that assists the shoppers managing their shopping list. It is specially designed to offer ease of use and simple effortless handing  shopping cart features.

Inventory Management Module

Difficult issue regrind inventory will never arise again. eShop  alert you with an email as soon as stock level fall below as given limit, there by giving you ample time to arrange for more  quantity of  your product .

Discount Schemes and Special Offers

You can offer discount schemes and special offers on your products during varies festival and holiday season using eShop. You will be able to pick and choose products you want to offer for discount.

Sales Reports

You eShop provide a comprehensive range of sales and MIS report. It provide a customized report base on your chosen criteria.

Shipping charges and Taxation values

Shipping module allow you to enter value for taxes and shipping charges prevalent in your part of the world.

Flexible Product Management

eShop lets you manage your products by classifying them. It gives you the choice of categorizing and sub categorizing your products to any desired level.

Order Tracking

Customers can easily check the status of their order by using the order tracking system of eShop. Order placed assigned a unique  Number, which the customers  can use to know if their order  dispatched or not.

Customer Wish list

Customer will be able to make a wish list of items they would like to purchase from your store. They will be able to add any number of items to their wish list along with their comments.

Customizable HTML Templates

eShop has it own templates which are totally customizable. You can add your Company’s Logo, Product Photographs, Change the layout etc.

Customer Review and Ratings

Customers to your shop will be able to post their comments and reviews regarding any product.

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