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Resource Datamine

Resource Datamine

Resource Datamine serves as a single platform for recruiters to process in house and project based needs – eliminating the need to manage multiple vendors & outsourced manpower service providers. Serving as a comprehensive talent acquisition application, it integrates various requisition management work flows into one seamless system. Designed to automate the recruiting process, it supports end-to- end hiring workflow and enhances information distribution via a web enabled platform, ensuring your complete requisition process is smooth, seamless and integrated.

Its interface supports enhanced reporting and workforce metrics, providing insight into the hiring life cycle with the help of inbuilt tools like incentive programs, activity and task management, requisition assessments, CRM etc.The application also leverages efficient search, screening and support capabilities that helps to improve a recruiter’s productivity and value, in addition to saving time and eliminating paper trails.

Product Feature

Access from Any Location

RD is available on the web, hence it allows recruiter and candidate to access it from any where and at any time, thereby enhancing recruiter productivity and reducing the service cost.

Reduced Time to Hire at Lower Cost

RD enables the company to hire the right resource in shortest possible time and in a cost effective manner as centralized repository of resumes of the candidates enables the recruiters to search the database for the exact matching profile.

Centralized Resume Repository

It eliminates any resume duplicity and every recruiter has the same view of the candidate availability and  suitability.

Better Management Control

Management can track positions and fulfillment activities in real time and take step to improve the screening and fulfillment process.

Customizable  Selection Workflow

The workflow can be defined for each requisition with its own selection stage. This provides an integrated solution  right from  Requisition to Offer Letter.

Higher Selection Ratio

As RD facilitates building the database from resumes collected from various sources, not just the job portals, the selection rate and joining rate of candidates is much better.

Online Testing & Screening

Candidates are screened online thereby reducing the time taken for shortlisting. It also saves precious recruiter time thereby reducing the total hiring cost.

Scalable and Secure Architecture

The architecture allows the system to scale up with the growth of your business, thereby providing investment protection.

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