Integrated Invoice and Payment Processing

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Integrated Invoice and Payment Processing




Retail, eCommerce, Consumer Goods


Enterprise Integration

Background of Project

A multinational company dealing in Apparel was interested in developing an Automated, On-Demand Apparel Manufacturing and Customization service to enable its client to place the order for apparel online.

The client wanted that all his Vendors should be integrated in Microsoft D365 F & O and all vendor payments are done using platform. In addition, client wanted to auto sync all invoices that were approved on Microsoft D365 F & O platform.

Magento Jitterbit SAP B1

Solution Description

NetEdge proposed real time integration of and D365 systems, so that each time a new vendor was created in, it reflected in Microsoft D365 instantaneously. The proposed integration also ensured that each time an invoice was approved for payment, it started showing up in so that payment could be made.

To accommodate customization needs of client, NetEdge added custom fields and validation rules to enable alerts logged in system as well notifications to users in case of any errors.

The proposed integration streamlined the Vendor Management System to a great extent for the Client.

NetEdge Role

NetEdge studied the client processes and suggested improvements to build effective integration. NetEdge team developed workflows using iPaaS platform. As part of customization, new custom tables and fields were added in D365 to make the process efficient.

NetEdge developed the following workflows to deliver the proposed solution using iPaaS platform.

  1. Vendor creation in Microsoft D365 F & O when a new vendor gets created in
  2. Invoice generation in once an invoice is approved for payment in D365
  3. Exchange conversion to handle multiple currency invoice

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