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Omni View of eCommerce Inventory for Consumer Goods Retailer




Retail, eCommerce, Consumer Goods


Enterprise Integration

Background of Project

The Client, an International eCommerce Retailer of Paper Products like wall papers, greeting cards etc. was selling these products through multiple channels including a Magento based online shop. The inventory of the products was maintained centrally on SAP B1 and supported functions like Order Processing, Shipment etc. for all the channels. Majority of the sales was generated through ecommerce.

The client was facing major challenge in getting real time data into SAP B1 platform from different channels to enable it to do enterprise resource planning and generate meaningful and accurate management information. A number of manual steps were being done to keep Magento and SAP B1 items in sync, posting of orders and shipment coordination. The manual intervention was leading to delays and unwarranted errors in shipments.

Magento Jitterbit SAP B1

Solution Description

NetEdge proposed to integrate diverse systems including Magento and SAP B1 using Jitterbit iPaaS Harmony Platform. The platform was totally hosted in Cloud and provided real time integration thereby enabling orders placed on Magento shop to reflect within few seconds in SAP B1 system. This helped the client to get real time information on inventory and take meaningful and accurate decisions related to pricing and discounts. It also helped in cutting the delays and reducing the error in shipment.

NetEdge Role

NetEdge team got involved with Client team in studying the existing system. Based on the study, the team suggested to integrate the systems in real time so that every time an order is placed online it reflects in SAP B1.

NetEdge developed the following workflows to deliver the proposed solution using Jitterbit Harmony platform.

  1. Order Posting
  2. Delivery Notes Generation
  3. Invoice Generation and Ledger Posting
  4. Payment Receipt

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