Testimonials 1

“NetEdge is one of the best companies I have worked with that does offshore development. They are very quick and do things the way that were discussed and have exceeded what I wanted done”

Smith Tyler
CEO, SkySlopeInc., USA

“I am really happy with the working relationship to date. Everything I have requested has been completed in a timely and professional manner.”

CEO, GumDrops

“I have interacted with lot of development firms and NetEdge is among the most responsive in terms of listening to our needs and striving to excel at them. We created a service at a fraction of cost of our competitors.”

Abudi Zein
CEO, Energy Argus , USA

“NetEdge’s experience and expertise in helping businesses make the transition to the world of e-commerce has been invaluable. The relationship has been very fruitful.”

Dr. David Falvey
Director, British Geological Survey , UK

“I would like to thank your team for deploying this project to such high standards – It was a pleasure working with you all.”

Mark Joseph
Product Director, Global Network Services Vodafone , UK

“So far, one of the best providers when it comes to SEO and Traffic Improvement. We will continue to work with NetEdge. Great Team!”

CEO, Earthlink, Canada

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