NetEdge Computing Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Outsourced Product Development

Companies of all sizes are challenged to develop high quality products, release new features ahead of the competition and customize products for different countries, languages, technologies and customers. All this is to be achieved while keeping operating costs and risks low.

NetEdge is uniquely equipped to provide Outsourced Product Development services to client to help them introduce new products and features and also support them via engagement models that are flexible, scalable and customized to meet the specific business requirements.

NetEdge has a strong consulting practice, domain knowledge and a strong pool of software professionals to provide customers the lowest possible total cost of ownership (TCO) without sacrificing product quality. We have the technical capability and domain knowledge to quickly turn around a product design from requirements to proof of concept or prototypes. This frees the customers from overhead management costs and manpower investment.

We work with our customers to offer product engineering services for all stages of the product development lifecycle, right from product conceptualization to product extension and ongoing support.

Our core focus areas and capabilities in product development include the following:

  • Product Conceptualization
    • Performing product conceptualization
    • Performing competitive product research
    • Identifying key features
    • Identifying Localization Requirements
  • Product Development
    • Selecting an Architecture Design
    • Selecting an appropriate Technology Platform
    • Adopting an Appropriate Development Strategy
    • Providing Visual Prototypes
    • Providing Proof of Concepts (if required)
  • Product Localization
    • Identifying Localization Requirements
    • Enabling run-time language switching
    • Resizing and rearranging dialog controls
    • Correctly formatting fields
    • Testing the product’s look, feel and behavior
  • Product Customization
    • Collecting requirements for customization
    • Integrating and customizing products as per end user requirement
    • Reinforcing product best practices
  • Product Migration
    • Operating System migration
    • Pre .Net to .Net migration
    • Application server migration
    • J2EE to .Net migration
    • Proprietary architecture to an open, standard based architecture
    • Migration to the Cloud
    • Database Migration
    • Programming Language migration
  • Product Implementation
    • Installing the product at an end user’s site
    • Training the end user on essential product functions
    • Resolving any technical issues
  • Product Extensions
    • Identifying and quickly extending product functionality
    • Extending product design and scope for cross platform integration
    • Extending product for web, cloud and smart devices
  • Product Maintenance and Support
    • Take over the code with or without documentation
    • Provide the bug fixes as and when reported
    • Provide minor feature enhancements
    • Support older version to existing clients who have not moved to newer version
  • Product Performance Audit
    • Collect the required performance criteria
    • Simulate different scenarios and test the performance
    • Do a detailed study of the product architecture and design to ensure design criteria are met

Our unique value proposition lies in our ability to:

  • Leverage the partnerships with IT leaders like Microsoft, IBM and HP
  • Extensive Domain knowledge acquired working with customers in different industries and functions
  • Professional team that is capable of contributing to architecture, design and reusability of the products
  • Tried and tested development methodology
  • A well defined Project Management methodology
  • Commitment to quality and taking holistic view of V&V process

Some of our customers are:

  • Vodafone, UK
  • Argus Media, UK
  • Oriflame
  • YnotLearn, USA
  • Rhodes Retails, USA
  • Datagroup, USA
  • Clientlook, USA
  • Quotella, USA
  • Skyslope, USA
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