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Importance of Service Level Agreements in Recruitment Process

A service level agreement, often referred as SLA, defines in how much time the service provider will provide the service. In the context of recruitment process, a service level agreement defines in how much time the position will be filled by the recruiter.

Depending on the industry, the SLA varies. It may take a company 2 months to get the right CEO, whereas it may need to fill a help desk position in hours. Once the position is open, it is best to fill the position with right candidates, with speed. Speed matters for a number of reasons, which are as follows:

  1. You could possibly lose 90% of the high demand candidates very quickly. To get quality candidates in the pipeline, you have got to be fast.
  2. Without some of the critical personnel, company may lose revenue, so it has got to fill positions with fast speed. For example, an airline company cannot afford to have position of pilots lying vacant for days and weeks as it has a direct impact on their revenue.
  3. Sometimes, it takes long time to convince some of the

    passive candidates

    to change and join your company. And, when they do make up their mind for a change, if you do not act fast, you would have wasted all the time you took convincing them.

It is important to highlight here that the speed, with compromise in quality, could lead to wrong recruitment that may turn out to be more expensive to the organization. At times, you can afford to be slow in hiring because if you are a good brand, top candidates may be willing to wait till they get an opportunity to work for you. Recruitment tools are meant to provide speed and maintain quality of people by providing information to the recruiters.

Resource Datamine, a recruitment automation tool, provides timely alerts depending on the SLA to the recruiters so that he can close his position in time. In addition, it also provides the necessary MIS to measure the time to fill various positions.

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