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Improve your Brand with a Good Corporate Career Site

In the beginning, it used to be sufficient to have a career section in the web site. But now, the internet penetration rates worldwide have become higher. The use of web for recruitment process is no longer restricted to professional positions only. Corporate career sites have emerged as a strong channel for attracting and acquiring candidates and are a primary source of hires.

The corporate site is an interface for a corporate presentation and communication with its visitors. They are specially designed with the intent to convert these visitors into members of the corporate candidate pool. Accordingly, the goals of the corporate career website are to attract web visitors to corporate career brand and build relationship with them, convince them to pursue long term opportunities with the company and finally to capture the candidate information in a structured way.

It is very important that candidate’s job seeking experience is not negative. Candidates are consumers. They transfer their job seeking experience to their perception of the employer and the corporate brand.

A good career web site is a candidate portal where candidates can store personalized job information and return for updates. Direct access to status throughout the job application process encourages candidates to return to the site, build relationship and refer more candidates. From a corporate point of view, it is a simple step but results in better brand building, and more completed applications. It also reduces the recruiter's workload.

Resource Datamine, a recruitment automation tool, Applicant tracking system from NetEdge helps corporate to build a career site that is powered by strong processes starting from resume receipt to job offer at a very nominal cost, in SaaS mode.

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