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Applicant Tracking System - A Must for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with Long Term Vision

Small and Medium Enterprises need to be much more competitive than the bigger firms. They must ensure that productivity is more and there is maximum utilization of resources. As the resource requirement by bigger companies in developed countries keeps increasing, the pool of skilled workers willing to work for SMEs keeps reducing. SMEs are bound to feel pinched with the growing demands of candidates.

Thus, it is a challenge for SMEs to maintain and increase the quality of their hires while reducing the cost and inefficiencies in their recruitment process.

Technology adaptation by SMEs can give them an edge and helps them to stay competitive. Process optimization helps to ensure that knowledge is managed and retained within the organization. This can be easily achieved by inexpensive productivity software. Productivity software helps to implement processes that eliminate the inefficiencies of manual systems and thus generate profiles.

Recruitment automation helps to maintain a centralized candidate repository, so that at the time of skill shortage, company has access to resources and quality data about the resources, collected over a period of time. With rising recruiter attrition, it ensures knowledge retention and management as well as the design of effective processes for candidate tracking. Good MIS reports help better decision making by managers and highlight where the money spending is getting results and where it is not.

Resource Datamine is an applicant tracking system (automated recruitment tool), which is meant for SMEs who would keep the long term vision of improving productivity at minimum cost by investment in technology.

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The authoress is a business writer specializing in human resources and has written authoritative articles on human resource management. She has done her masters in Business Administration and is currently assisting Resource Datamine. Visit to know more on applicant tracking system.

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