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Resource Datamine - Business Intelligence Recruiting

People, processes and technology have become a crucial stepping stone to ensure the success of any organization. Large corporations and recruitment agencies often have to face critical skill shortfalls, mismatch of supply and demand of hires, high outsourcing fees, high attrition rates etc. It is imperative that organizations hire efficient manpower and determine what workforce requirements are needed to optimize their productivity.
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Resource Datamine is an innovative fully customizable web based application that effectively integrates all aspects of the hiring process, ensuring consistency and transparency by streamlining and refining your recruiting and hiring process. As a recruiting tool, it incorporates the power, accessibility and reachability of the web using an advanced Artificial Intelligence technology. Designed to fully automate every step of the recruiting process, it results into building a superior and effective workforce at an enterprise level. Resource Datamine ensures your business objectives are aligned with the right resources to give you a competitive edge.

The product provides the complete functionality to automate the recruitment process. Some of the important features of the product are:
  • Resume Databank Management (Stores complete
    candidate information)
  • Candidate Evaluation & Interview Scheduling
  • Definable recruitment work flows
  • Customizable Resume Grabber Option
    • Ability to scrape resumes from job portals
    • Option to upload mass resumes
    • Direct pickup of resumes from emails
  • Automatic Job Search Agents
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Graphical MIS Reports
  • Semantic Based Search
  • Accommodates all types of document search (.doc, .xls, .txt etc)
  • SMS Alerts, Notifications, Reminders & Activity List
  • Total Accounting for Billing & Receipts
  • Provision to Define SLA's & Escalation Metrics
  • Customizable email Templates
  • Intuitive, user friendly web browser interface
Resource Datamine Screen
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