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netOT - Online Testing

netOT or netOnlineTesting software is a web based tool that enables to test/evaluate the skills and expertise of a student. It allows one to create subject specific question banks which can be classified into a group and later can be used to create online tests. The system is flexible to allow multiple choice as well as subjective type of questions. Options are available for image based, video based and psychometric questions. Since it is a web-based tool, the users can take a test anywhere using a web browser.

The product provides an easy way to evaluate students, employees, job candidates and more.  The application helps in reducing the high cost of manpower required to carry out the tedious and time consuming task of scoring of answer sheets. It automatically scores the test in online model, thereby reducing paper wastage. The application also helps the organization capture the required information about the candidate and share the same in a distributed enterprise.

The salient features of netOT are:
  • Web - based Online Testing software
  • Provides consistency and transparency
  • Question Bank – supports the multiple formats for questions
    • Subject based
    • Multiple choice
    • Subjective
    • Image based
    • Video based
    • Graded or psychometric
  • Capability of defining complexity level (Simple/Medium/Expert) and marks for each question
  • Test Papers (created uniquely for each candidate based on the template)
  • Online Tests (containing multiple papers)
  • Option to schedule online tests
  • Automatic result calculation (Option to mark the subjective questions separately)
  • Option to create unique login for each examinee and examination
  • Options to create mark sheet, detailed analysis and certificates
  • Maintains historical data
  • Role based access control
  • Management Information System
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