NetEdge Computing Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

netCMS – A Complete Web Content Management System

netCMS is a complete Content Management System adhering to the latest CSS and HTML standards. It has taken out the mystery of building and maintaining any kind of websites. netCMS provide flexibility and power to end users to build any type of website within hours, even without having any technical knowledge. It has been successfully used to develop from a simple website to complex Web 2.0 compliant and ecommerce enabled websites.

netCMS is an easy-to-use application that allows users to maintain control of their website and online identity. With it, anyone can quickly update and copy images and other elements of the website. Even pages can be added or deleted with just a few clicks. By managing these aspects, the Content Management System not only makes it possible to complete timely updates, but also ensures a cost-effective solution that successfully meets online needs of users. 

netCMS comes with pre-designed templates for majority of the industries like Handicrafts, Automobiles, Gems & Jewellery, Manufacturing, Real Estates, Hotels, Restaurants, Travel Agents, Garments, Book Stores etc. Based on the preference the user can select Simple, Classic or Contemporary templates. Depending on the needs the user can also select the plans for the static or their eCommerce enabled sites. To provide Web 2.0 features, netCMS comes with its own set of components like Blog, Forums, Message Boards, News, Newsletters, RSS Feeds, Photo Galleries, Campaign Managers, FAQs, Search, Pollings, Surveys etc. to bring in interactivity to the sites. 

netCMS is easy to use, thanks to the WYSIWYG (wĭz·ē·wĭg: What You See Is What You Get) editor. Anyone familiar with word processors or Windows software can easily use the editor to create or update webpages – implementing tiny changes or major makeovers with a few simple steps.

netCMS provides the required security to the websites. It requires user names and passwords to edit the site. That means only employees/users with the proper permission can update the website. What's more... the site administrator can designate permissions for users so that certain users have specific capabilities, such as publishing content on the site. The site administrator has access to any part of the site and all features.

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