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Component India

Component India, the developer's ultimate oasis, is a one stop shop designed to accommodate all software needs with a service portfolio that includes tools, utilities, components, products and applications across all industries. Designed to work two fold, it benefits both developers and software publishers. Its eBusiness architecture enables developers to easily access software components developed by hundreds of publishers worldwide, and also provides an e-store to publishers to showcase their software.

With an extensive global network and partnership with leading software companies, Component India acts as an interface between software publishers providing software to interested developers and companies via cost effective and flexible packages. Designed to suit the needs of each and every customer, its software portfolio provides customers with an overview of each software, compatibility, publisher information and licensing agreements. The repository offers visitors' access to an extensive selection of software and their to trial versions which they can download, thus giving them the flexibility to decide if the software meets their requirements.

Component India aims to achieve the following goals:

  • Your one stop e-shop for all software needs
  • A developer's ultimate oasis and your trusted software vendor
  • A resource repository for Developers, Publishers and Software Authors
  • Partners with leading technology companies and has global tie-ups with reputed partners
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