NetEdge Computing Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


NetEdge has established a Center of Excellence for Distributed Systems and Performance Management that is dedicated to the rchitecture and design of Distributed and Intelligent Systems.

Area of Specialization of the center includes:

  • Distributed Systems:
    - Distributed System Architecture
    - Distributed Processing Algorithms
    - Distributed Databases
    - Distributed Performance Management
    - Disaster Recovery
    - Protocol Design - Application Level
  • Cloud Computing
    - Assessment Services
    - Migration Services
    - Cloud based Application Development
  • Problem Solving
    - Using AI techniques like Blackboard, Intelligent Agents, Rule engine etc.
  • Knowledge Management
  • Security Issues
    - Related to Design, Architecture and Web Services

NetEdge offers the following services through COE-DSPM :

  • Consulting Services
  • Architecture and Design Services
  • Training
  • Projects
    - Proof of Concept
    - Complete Projects
  • Applied Research
  • Project Management

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