NetEdge Computing Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Team NetEdge

NetEdge is committed to maintaining a diverse workforce by employing highly qualified and experienced professionals from varied streams like Engineering, Management, Communications, Software Development etc. We strive to attract, employ and retain our talented and diverse pool of employees who in turn provide their strong, relevant experience to our business, management and technology processes. The NetEdge Software Development Team has helped the company for over a decade in developing a wide range of IT products and services. It enables us to provide service levels that ensures the performance matches their accomplishments.

Our team has experience of working on many in-house and outsourced projects in the following technologies:
  1. Distributed systems
  2. Portal development
  3. Web services and SOA
  4. Cloud computing
  5. Security solutions
  6. Knowledge management
  1. Artificial intelligence
  2. Telecommunication & mobile application
  3. Groupware and collaboration
  4. Architecture and design
  5. System administration and management
  6. Project management