NetEdge Computing Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


NetEdge’s business philosophy is driven by one simple concept: exceed customer expectations. For over two decades we have worked with many industries. Every industry has its own unique requirements and they need to be supported with customized software solutions and services.

Here we are displaying some of the websites and portals that we have developed for our customers:


SkySlope™ is a smart Real Estate Transaction Management Portal that helps real estate agents and brokers save transaction files online and thereby save time and money. A broker can have his agents file all documents online and file auditors review the documents to and ensure completeness of the file. System gives alerts and reminders in case an escrow date is about to be completed and needs extension. The portal is very user friendly thereby allowing an Agent who is not very technical to send the documents in the transaction file via email and fax. The system is integrated with payment gateway and the agents account gets debited every month. A powerful backend gives administrator the ability to controll all the required neccessities.

Live Poker Guru

Live Poker Guru is a portal that provides live Poker coaching while the player is playing online poker. The coaches can register with the portal based on the skills which they have. The online poker player can interact with the Coach  online using either Text or Audio chat. The application also allows the player to share his screen with the coach in real time. The application keeps track of the time of interaction and bill the player accordingly. There is a complete accounting module for player and coach with integration to payment gateway.

Ultimate Reminder

Ultimate Reminder is a website that is one of the most innovative reminder services on the Web. It is very easy to use and anybody with no knowledge of computer programs can operate it. It can be used to send your partner email reminders about your anniversary, birthday and other important events. You can also include a personalized "wish list" of items you would like to receive, as well as a list of your favorite colors, flowers, food and even sizes.


Quotella is a lead generation portal for the insurance agents. It provides the user to ask for quotes on different kind of insurances like Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance and Business Insurance. Once the user submits his requirements for the insurance, the lead is then forwarded to insurance agents who are qualified to provide the required insurance to the user. The agents then contact the user directly and submit their quotes for the insurance.

Universal Tickets

Universal Tickets is an ecommerce site for selling tickets to the theme parks in Florida. The parks covered were Universal Studio, Island of Adventure, Orlando resort. The site provided all the functionality of eCatalogue, shopping cart and linkage to payment gateway to collect the payment online.

Play Owl

Playowl is a social networking site with a difference. It allows friends to come together and plan to go to an event. The event can be going to a show, cinema or even getting together for drinks in a pub. The providers list their offerings on the portal and users can form their own groups and plan their outings or events.

Component India

ComponentIndia is an ecommerce website to sell software on the web. It is aptly called an Ultimate Software Oasis as it acts as one stop eshop designed to accommodate all software needs with a service portfolio that includes tools, utilities, components, products and applications across all industries. It has been designed to work two fold to benefit both users and publishers. Its e-business architecture enables users' to easily access software components developed by hundreds of Publishers worldwide, and also provides an e-store to Publishers to showcase their software.

The Mall Of India

The Mall Of India is a Business to Business (B2B) portal aimed at providing a virtual platform to facilitate business interactions between the International as well as Domestic community of buyers and sellers. It has a database of supplier companies from India, US, UK and Thailand. The portal provides different services through different channels like B2B Directories, Yellow Pages, Virtual Showrooms, Discussion Forums etc., with an objective to be a one-stop destination for all business needs and solutions.