NetEdge Computing Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


The key to citizen centric government is the creation of a horizontally oriented organization with one view of the customer, whether citizen or business. This provides immediate benefits in terms of productivity, customer satisfaction, and even revenue growth, at the same time creating a platform for future economic development and prosperity.

Open dialogue between government and citizens, together with citizen involvement in the process of governance is very important and critical. Information Technology plays a very important role in improving communications and interactions with citizens and business. To fully transform the traditional working life of government departments and public sector organizations, it requires  implementation of leading-edge technology and fully integrated information systems.

NetEdge brings innovation, experience and in depth industry knowledge to the government entities. It has been involved in providing information technology solutions for federal, state and local governments and their respective agencies for over a decade now. Our dedicated government domain knowledge and expertise facilitates the convergence of functional and technical knowledge.

Our expertise and experience addresses the diverse needs of Government and its agencies spanning across analysis, design and development of applications and products. Specific services provided by us are:

  • IT Consulting Services
  • Bespoke Software Development
  • eBusiness Solutions
  • Website and Portal Development
  • Education and Training

Some of our customers from the Government Industry are:

  • Revenue Department of Thailand: Conducted the study for a Nation Wide Area Network and designed the complete system covering System Sizing in terms of transactions and data storage, platform architecture, Capacity Planning of the various platforms to meet the transaction loads and design of the communication network covering both Local and Wide Area Networks.
  • Revenue Department of Thailand: Designed and developed the complete Security framework covering various aspects of the Integrated Tax Computer System.
  • British Geological Survey: Designed and developed the website to sell the publications over the internet. The site provided the functionality of online credit card payment, reports and management, as well as the ability to update and modify product lists and support sales campaigns through special offers.
  • Cabinet Office of UK: Designed and developed Agenda application which enables Communication Planning Units to record and share with the centre and other departments their proposals for events and announcements. This enables the departments to collaborate on events.
  • The Stationary Office: Designed and developed a Website for the department to circulate the best practices for online business for the SMEs.
  • Ministry of Trade and Industries: Designed and Developed on turnkey basis an automated trademark registration system including word and figurative marks so as to reduce the delay in registration and to improve the productivity of people.
  • Department of Telecommunication: Developed and implemented an IVRS system for Complaint Booking and Fault Recording System.
  • Ministry of Defence: Designed and developed a Selective Dissemination System to filter and distribute the scientific articles to scientists working in various defense laboratories.  
  • Indian Railways: Designed, developed and implemented an IVRS system for PNR enquiries, train status and reminder services.
  • National Thermal Power Corporation: Conducted IT Training for staff members on leading technologies and computer operations.