NetEdge Computing Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Banking and Financial Services

Internet, wireless technology and global straight through processing have created a paradigm shift in the banking and financial services industry from brick and mortar to virtual organization across time zones, geographical locations, access points and delivery channels.

NetEdge with its extensive experience and in-depth understanding of Banking and Financial services industry has recognized that the industry requires innovative services that need to be conceived and delivered quickly in a cost efficient way. NetEdge over a period has collected project implementation skills, expertise and experience in implementing third party solutions and providing consulting services. NetEdge has worked with some of the best companies in the industry providing them mission-critical solutions and services for around two decades.

We provide a range of consulting and IT services for the leading financial services firms of the world - including banks and insurance companies. Specific services provided by us are:

  • Cloud Consulting Services
  • IT Consulting Services
  • Bespoke Software Development
  • Customization and Implementation of 3rd party products
  • Website and Portal Development
  • Education and Training

Some of our customers from the Banking and Financial Services Industry are:

  • Bajaj Capital: Provided the consulting services to assess if migration of applications to Cloud would be beneficial for the group. Also trained the staff on developing applications for the cloud.
  • Bank Bali: Developed the roadmap, application architecture and a backbone network to connect all the regional and head office computers. The application architecture was designed to support the distributed applications on a heterogeneous platform of the bank. It helped to provide banking services to its customers from anywhere.
  • Bank Bumi Daya: Planned and designed a Wide Area Network to interconnect branches to regional centers and to the head office for seamless operations.
  • Citibank, Thailand: Design, development and implementation of a Network and Facility Management system covering  Problem Management, Help Desk and Disaster Recovery Plan.
  • Sri Ayuthya Insurance: Designed, developed and implemented the enterprise wide network.
  • CLSA Emerging Markets: Provided IT consulting and network design for the implementation of a LAN.
  • Primus Leasing: Designed, developed, implemented and supported the Enterprise wide network.
  • Revenue Department of Thailand: Conducted the study for a Nation Wide Area Network and designed the complete system covering System Sizing in terms of transactions and data storage, platform architecture, Capacity Planning of the various platforms to meet the transaction loads and design of the communication network covering both Local and Wide Area Networks.
  • Revenue Department of Thailand: Designed and developed the complete Security framework covering various aspects of the Integrated Tax Computer System.
  • National Commercial Bank: Planning and designing of a new network to address the present constraints and to meet the future requirements for one of the largest Bank in Saudi Arabia. It also involved the implementation of Network Management Center.
  • GCC Equity Database: Design and development of a dynamic web-site which contains integrated database of a large number of companies in GCC countries, i.e., Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Muscat, Qatar and UAE.
  • Corporation Bank: Conducted Training for bank staff on computer operations and banking applications.
  • Indian Credit Rating Agency: Design and Developed a Voice Response System to answer the queries of the investors.
  • Insurance Regulatory Development Authority: As part of Asian Development Bank funded project, designed the Policy and Operational Support system including a Management Information System for proper monitoring of insurance companies in India.
  • Financial Objects: Enhanced the capability of a product to perform End of Day processing of the daily transactions taking place in a Bank. The product was designed to take care of load balancing among the various servers involved with the processing.