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Employee Testimonials

"At NetEdge, I am constantly challenged to come up with innovative ways to carry out my tasks which are aligned with my career goals. What I most appreciate is the process of bringing ideas from concept to implementation and being accountable for implementing my idea via the applications I develop and work on. I not only feel appreciated, but I feel I am making a difference and that motivates me to work even harder, to create and deliver better results."
Azeem Qaiser
Software Engineer

"I must admit that my experiences at NetEdge have been far more rewarding than any I have had during my entire employment history. In addition to my professional growth and satisfaction working with a company that encourages their employees to be creative and approachable is a feel good feeling. When I wake up every morning, going to work actually makes me happy. I am more productive working in an environment that is extremely dynamic and to me NetEdge is like an extended family and every colleague who is a member of the NetEdge family share a sort of camaraderie and bond that is unique in itself. Till you experience it, you won't really know what you are missing! "
Gainingam Phaomei
Programmer Analyst

"As we grow older, it gets more challenging to balance our work load, career goals and family and still feel a sense of satisfaction that we are moving in the right direction. At NetEdge, the compassion they instill in ensuring that no facet of your life is neglected, is amazing. Sometimes when family and personal matters are pressing, they have actually encouraged me to attend to them and given me time off. Which other company would do that? At NetEdge, they treat you like family and there's nothing more rewarding and encouraging than working in an environment that takes care of you at all times."
Shanti Khumukcham
Senior Web Designer

"A strong corporate culture, a work balance, empowerment, fun, innovative. I think that sums us up! "
Shivali Raina

IT Business Consulting Services